Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gate 2011 answer key

Answers to Genral Aptitude(GA) Questions (56 - 65)
56. (A) Hyperbolic
57. (A) To visit
58. (B) q^2 = PR
59. (A) Incomprehensible
60. (D) Separate
61. (C) 6
62. (A) 5
63. (A) P
64. (A) How to write a letter of...
65. (D) 7.29 litres

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Anonymous said...
i need all the answer of physics question.please give it.
basudev said...
Hi Chetan, it seems that you have gotten many wrong... the answer to the corrected ones should be

(56) restrained
(57) visiting
(58) (B) is fine
(60) Split
(61) (C) is fine
(62) (A) is fine
(63) There is an inverse proportionality involved here. The microbe quantity was mg required to destroy some
half the mass of body. Clearly, more of it means less potency.
(64) leading causes of death
(65) (D) is fine
arunkumar33015@gmail.com said...
answer of hormonic oscillator is α = -1 and 9Ћw/2
basudev said...
I owe this to physicskerala since I downloaded a lot of stuff from here.

1 (C)
2 (A)
3 (B)
4 (D)
5 (B)
6 (C)
7 (A)
8 (B)
10 (B)
11 (D)
12 (C)
13 (B)
14 (A)
15 (D)
16 (A)
17 (A)
18 (D)
19 (C)
20 (D)
21 (A)
22 (B)
24 (C)
25 (D)
basudev said...
And the last set of answers

26 (D)
27 (B)
28 (A)
29 (A)
30 (A)
31 (D)
32 (C)
33 (A)
34 (C)
35 (D)
36 (B)
37 (C)
38 (D)
39 (A)
41 (C)
42 (C)
43 (C)
44 (B)
46 (C)
47 (A)
48 (C)
49 (B)
50 (A)
51 (B)
52 (C)
53 (D)
54 (A)
55 (D)
Anonymous said...
@arun kumar: thank you for that solution!:) and may i know when the solutions would be out for physics?also,
i would request someone to provide the answer for the relativity question,i somehow could not arrive at any of the
options given there!:( thanks again!
balagangadhar said...
Great work Mr. Basudev,
But, could you please think about some of your answers...
Q 53) Its B
Becoz, you have to normalize the wave function while calculating energy eigen value,

Q 48) I think its D
Becoz the given fn sin(z)/(z-pi)^2 is not diverging function. It has to be differentiated,

Q 14) Its C
Just check it

Q 10) Its C,
there won't be any phase shift between input and output voltages in common emitter amplifier,

Q 60) You can find that both separate and split are the antonyms to amalgamate,

Q 45) I think Its D but not sure

Q 40) Its B

Q 9) D

Sreejith said...
i think
9. D
kalyani said...
4.A bcz entropy of the universe increases n work done in a cyclic process is zero.
9.D bcoz in superconductors energy gap is very less.
14.A fine
22.A right ans n B IS ONLY FOR SINGLE e- system.
23.C IS RIGHT ans for optical branches, B FOR ACOUSTICAL branches.
40. B
42.i think its B.
43.its D BCZ IN rotational Raman specrum first stoke line is at 6B.
SREEJITH P said...
answer of 4 is D
Carnot engine is an ideal engine. Look T-S diagram
pls reply
Periyasamy. said...
For ques.43, Ans is C.As you said the first stoke/anti stoke line is at 6B from origninal frequency.In question, 2B=20/cm. B=10/cm.
Anonymous said...
For 43, ans is c.
Ashim said...
for ques.44, ans is D. because vol. of primitive cell of b.c.c lattice is (a^3)/2. please check it & reply
SREEJITH P said...
23. C
Anonymous said...
40. B
kalyani said...
Sree.. said...
please comment about Answer of the question 48 and 49
Anonymous said...
48.) D, simple pole at z=pi
Anonymous said...
48.) D, simple pole at z=pi. function sin(z) has a zero at z= pi, so in the lorentz series expansion should terminate at the
first term of the principal part.

check it by expanding the function about z=pi.

49.) B, singular point is outside the contour of integration
Anonymous said...
thank you all,but may i know what the cut off is expected to be?i mean,was this paper tough or easy?
i personally felt it was a difficult one,so im expecting cut off to be lower,say,25 or so!
Anonymous said...
I think the cutoff may be 25(+or-)3. The questions are somewhat easy compare last two years. Anyway,
 its not necessay think of it becaues whan the questions are easy, propotionaly there is a propability
for increase in negative marks(due to careless mistakes).
fathimathul sumayya.ck said...
14)c since [Lx,Lz}= -ih(bar)Ly
Anonymous said...
please comment about Answer of the question 22, 39, 44 and 50.
aditya said...
Answers should be these:

4)C. Since, entropy never decreases in any process. Also, entropy of universe always increases.

16)B. Since, there will be no potential from grounded plane. so, V due to just 2q charge.



44)C. Since, volume=a^3 & d=lambda




63)S. As toxicity(mg needed) becomes inversely proportional to danger.
SREEJITH P said...

"entropy never decreases in any process" is wrong idea.

entropy can increase or decrease in process.

entropy of the universe is increasing.

4. D
aditya said...
@sreejith P: yeah..you are correct..i typed it mistakenly..but have a look at my other answers.
Anonymous said...
@basudev what would u tell about Q33
Periyasamy. said...
Hello adithya,
Look back ques.44, The Answer is D since the B.C.C primitive cell contains 2 atoms. The answer is a^3 /2.
Anonymous said...
16) C. Grounded plane contributes a potential (see image problems). So final potential is due to plane and 2q.

The Gate Question paper 2011 is   http://www.ziddu.com/download/13815575/gate-2011-question-paper.pdf.html