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Joint CSIR-UGC Test For Junior Research Fellowship /NET

                     NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY TEST (NET)

    Joint CSIR-UGC Test For Junior Research Fellowship And Eligibility for
                      Lectureship – 19th June, 2011
                   Advertisement No.10-2(5)/2011(i) - E.U.II
DATE OF START OF SALE                  : 01.03.2011     
(i) DATE OF CLOSE OF SALE               : 30.03.2011
                             (ii) DATE OF CLOSE OF SUBMISSION OF
                                 ONLINE APPLICATION         : 31.03.2011
                                          IMPORTANT DATES
A. Date of Single MCQ Examination                                                         19.06.2011
B. Schedule for sale of Information Bulletin through Bank
   (i) Start of sale of Information Bulletin                                                     01.03.2011
   (ii) Date of close of sale of Information Bulletin by post only                   23.03.2011
   (iii)Date of close of sale of Information Bulletin by
cash at all branches/ stations                                                                      30.03.2011

C. Schedule for On-Line Application
   (i) Start of On-Line Submission of Application Form and Fee
 deposit through Bank Challan                                                                      01.03.2011
   (ii) Date of close of On-Line deposit of fee (at All stations)                         30.03.2011
   (iii)Date of close of On-Line submission of Applications (at All stations)    31.03.2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Gate 2011 corrected answer key

For Download the Gate Question paper 2011 Click Here.

1. (C)  2. (A)  3. B)   4. (D)  5. (B)  6. (C)  7. (A)
8. (B)  9. (D)  10. (B) 11. (D) 12. (C) 13. (B) 14. (C)
15. (D) 16. (?) 17. (A) 18. (D) 19. (C) 20. (D) 21. (A)
22. (B) 23. (C) 24. (C) 25. (D) 26. (D) 27. (C) 28. (A)
29. (C) 30. (A) 31. (D) 32. (C) 33. (A) 34. (C) 35. (D)
36. (B) 37. (A) 38. (D) 39. (D) 40. (B) 41. (C) 42. (D)
43. (C) 44. (B) 45. (D) 46. (C) 47. (A) 48. (D) 49. (B)
50. (B) 51. (B) 52. (C) 53. (B) 54. (A) 55. (D) 56. (D)
57. (C) 58. (B) 59. (A) 60. (D) 61. (C) 62. (A) 63. (D)
64. (C) 65. (D)

Note: It  Collected from blog readers.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
Advertisement No. : AERB/01/2011

LAST DATE FOR RECEIPT OF APPLICATIONS : One month from the date of issue of this Advertisement

Applications are invited for the following posts:


Category-1 : Scientific Officer/Technical Officer Grade "D" or "E" : Mechanical / Chemical / Electrical / Electronics / Nuclear Engineering / Electronics & Telecommunications / Instrumentation / Computer Engineering / Metallurgy / Material Science
Category-2 : Scientific Officer (SO) / Technical Officer (TO) Grade "E" / "D"' : Radiological Physics
Category-3 : Technical Officer (TO) Grade "E" / "D" : Physics

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gate 2011 answer key

Answers to Genral Aptitude(GA) Questions (56 - 65)
56. (A) Hyperbolic
57. (A) To visit
58. (B) q^2 = PR
59. (A) Incomprehensible
60. (D) Separate
61. (C) 6
62. (A) 5
63. (A) P
64. (A) How to write a letter of...
65. (D) 7.29 litres

If you have any doubts mail me at futurehelp at

All the best
Anonymous said...
i need all the answer of physics question.please give it.
basudev said...
Hi Chetan, it seems that you have gotten many wrong... the answer to the corrected ones should be

(56) restrained
(57) visiting
(58) (B) is fine
(60) Split
(61) (C) is fine
(62) (A) is fine
(63) There is an inverse proportionality involved here. The microbe quantity was mg required to destroy some
half the mass of body. Clearly, more of it means less potency.
(64) leading causes of death
(65) (D) is fine said...
answer of hormonic oscillator is α = -1 and 9Ћw/2
basudev said...
I owe this to physicskerala since I downloaded a lot of stuff from here.

1 (C)
2 (A)
3 (B)
4 (D)
5 (B)
6 (C)
7 (A)
8 (B)
10 (B)
11 (D)
12 (C)
13 (B)
14 (A)
15 (D)
16 (A)
17 (A)
18 (D)
19 (C)
20 (D)
21 (A)
22 (B)
24 (C)
25 (D)
basudev said...
And the last set of answers

26 (D)
27 (B)
28 (A)
29 (A)
30 (A)
31 (D)
32 (C)
33 (A)
34 (C)
35 (D)
36 (B)
37 (C)
38 (D)
39 (A)
41 (C)
42 (C)
43 (C)
44 (B)
46 (C)
47 (A)
48 (C)
49 (B)
50 (A)
51 (B)
52 (C)
53 (D)
54 (A)
55 (D)
Anonymous said...
@arun kumar: thank you for that solution!:) and may i know when the solutions would be out for physics?also,
i would request someone to provide the answer for the relativity question,i somehow could not arrive at any of the
options given there!:( thanks again!
balagangadhar said...
Great work Mr. Basudev,
But, could you please think about some of your answers...
Q 53) Its B
Becoz, you have to normalize the wave function while calculating energy eigen value,

Q 48) I think its D
Becoz the given fn sin(z)/(z-pi)^2 is not diverging function. It has to be differentiated,

Q 14) Its C
Just check it

Q 10) Its C,
there won't be any phase shift between input and output voltages in common emitter amplifier,

Q 60) You can find that both separate and split are the antonyms to amalgamate,

Q 45) I think Its D but not sure

Q 40) Its B

Q 9) D

Sreejith said...
i think
9. D
kalyani said...
4.A bcz entropy of the universe increases n work done in a cyclic process is zero.
9.D bcoz in superconductors energy gap is very less.
14.A fine
22.A right ans n B IS ONLY FOR SINGLE e- system.
23.C IS RIGHT ans for optical branches, B FOR ACOUSTICAL branches.
40. B
42.i think its B.
43.its D BCZ IN rotational Raman specrum first stoke line is at 6B.
SREEJITH P said...
answer of 4 is D
Carnot engine is an ideal engine. Look T-S diagram
pls reply
Periyasamy. said...
For ques.43, Ans is C.As you said the first stoke/anti stoke line is at 6B from origninal frequency.In question, 2B=20/cm. B=10/cm.
Anonymous said...
For 43, ans is c.
Ashim said...
for ques.44, ans is D. because vol. of primitive cell of b.c.c lattice is (a^3)/2. please check it & reply
SREEJITH P said...
23. C
Anonymous said...
40. B
kalyani said...
Sree.. said...
please comment about Answer of the question 48 and 49
Anonymous said...
48.) D, simple pole at z=pi
Anonymous said...
48.) D, simple pole at z=pi. function sin(z) has a zero at z= pi, so in the lorentz series expansion should terminate at the
first term of the principal part.

check it by expanding the function about z=pi.

49.) B, singular point is outside the contour of integration
Anonymous said...
thank you all,but may i know what the cut off is expected to be?i mean,was this paper tough or easy?
i personally felt it was a difficult one,so im expecting cut off to be lower,say,25 or so!
Anonymous said...
I think the cutoff may be 25(+or-)3. The questions are somewhat easy compare last two years. Anyway,
 its not necessay think of it becaues whan the questions are easy, propotionaly there is a propability
for increase in negative marks(due to careless mistakes).
fathimathul said...
14)c since [Lx,Lz}= -ih(bar)Ly
Anonymous said...
please comment about Answer of the question 22, 39, 44 and 50.
aditya said...
Answers should be these:

4)C. Since, entropy never decreases in any process. Also, entropy of universe always increases.

16)B. Since, there will be no potential from grounded plane. so, V due to just 2q charge.



44)C. Since, volume=a^3 & d=lambda




63)S. As toxicity(mg needed) becomes inversely proportional to danger.
SREEJITH P said...

"entropy never decreases in any process" is wrong idea.

entropy can increase or decrease in process.

entropy of the universe is increasing.

4. D
aditya said...
@sreejith P: are correct..i typed it mistakenly..but have a look at my other answers.
Anonymous said...
@basudev what would u tell about Q33
Periyasamy. said...
Hello adithya,
Look back ques.44, The Answer is D since the B.C.C primitive cell contains 2 atoms. The answer is a^3 /2.
Anonymous said...
16) C. Grounded plane contributes a potential (see image problems). So final potential is due to plane and 2q.

The Gate Question paper 2011 is

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Junior Research Fellowship @ PRL

Dear applicant,
Welcome to PRL!
PRL is an autonomous institution under the Department of Space and was
established in 1947. The current areas of research at PRL are Astronomy and
Astrophysics, Geosciences, Planetary Sciences & Exploration, Space and Atmospheric
Sciences, Experimental Laser and Atomic Physics and Theoretical Physics. We have
two campuses at Ahmedabad and astronomical and solar observatories at
Mt. Abu and Udaipur respectively. More details are available via links on the PRL
Ph.D. students at PRL, referred to as Research Scholars, take courses in the first
year and then start their research with a guide. Research scholars are awarded a
Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) for the first two years, and subsequently a Senior
Research Fellowship (SRF) for the remaining three years. A JRF receives a stipend
of ` 16,000/- per month and an SRF receives a stipend of ` 18,000 per month.
A book grant of ` 7500/- per year is given to all research scholars.
Accommodation will be provided by PRL at a nominal charge.
Students may also be supported for attending conferences abroad,
once during their tenure. In addition, all expenses connected with registration
for Ph.D., application fees, registration fees, tuition fees, examination fees etc.
are to be borne by the institute.
The online application form for the Ph.D. Programme at PRL is provided here.
Please fill it out carefully.
Short-listed candidates will subsequently be called for a written test or an
interview at PRL. They will be provided II-class return train fare by the shortest
route and per diem as per PRL rules. Eligibility criteria for admission to PRL are
contained in the advertisement given below that appeared in major newspapers
across India.
In case you are unable to submit the online application form, you may
download the form and send it by post to Head, Academic Services, P
hysical Research Laboratory, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 009
[Email:; Fax: (079) 2631 4912]. Only students from remote
areas who have no access to internet may send their request for application
form along with a self addressed envelope (25 cm x 17 cm) superscribed by
PRL JRF 2010 (Subject) to the address given below. All others to submit
online applications only. The completed application should reach PRL on
or before the last date mentioned in the advertisement.
  • Candidates should produce all the relevant certificates/testimonials as 
  • proof of age, educational qualification, caste, physical disability, 
  • experience, etc, at the time of written test/interview.
  • Candidates who are already in employment under Central/State 
  • Government, Central/State Public Sector Undertakings or Autonomous 
  • Bodies have to produce a `No Objection Certificate' from the employer 
  • concerned at the time of written test/interview.
  • Short-listed candidates appearing for the written test/interview will have 
  • to carry the call letter along with hall ticket generated after the successful 
  • submission of the application form with self-attested passport size colour 
  • photograph pasted on it.
  • If any information furnished on-line is found to be wrong or false on 
  • verification, the candidate will not be interviewed and Travelling Allowance 
  • will not be paid.
  • Candidates attending the written test/interview will be paid second 
  • class rail fare excluding the reservation charges/sleeper charges.
  • Only Indian Nationals need apply.
  • No interim correspondence will be entertained.
  • Canvassing in any form will result in disqualification.
Upon on-line registration, applicants will be provided with an on-line
Registration Number and password for resubmission, which should be carefully
preserved for future reference.
If you wish to update your application, or correct errors in a previous submission,
you can do so via the resubmission link below.
Guidelines To Fill The Online Application
Fill in all the information correctly and "SUBMIT". 
On successful application, your registration number will be displayed on screen and an
e-mail will be sent to you. Note down your Registration Number and keep in a safe place.
This would be required for checking the status of your application in future.
Your Password for resubmission and name would be the referencecode that will be
generated by the system on successful registration. If certain fields show error while
registering, please try to modify the data and avoid using special characters such
as .  ,  `  '  (  )  /  - " etc. Check all the details before clicking the submit button.
You may take a print of your application after successful submission or save the
same as a pdf file. 
Students will be able to login to their account and check the status of their application
and hall ticket. Give details of your marks/GPA of all the examinations taken so far.
If you are currently working toward a degree, mention the expected date of its completion
and enter your marks up to the last examination for which the marks are known.
Please carry your photo ID card (eg: College ID, Students card, Passport) at the time
of admission test / Interview.)
In case of grade point average, normalize to 100% i.e if GPA out of 10, multiply 
by 10 etc.
Important Dates to Remember
1. Opening Date for Online Registration: 09.02.2011
2. Closing Date for Online Registration: 25.03.2011
3. Closing Date for Receiving Application by Speed-post: 04.03.2011
4. Closing Date for Resubmission : 15.04.2011
For general inquiry             079-26314869

ONLINE SUBMISSION (For best view use Internet Explorer 6 and above.)
Advertisement for the Doctoral (Ph.D.) Programme
To Print Filled Appliction Form Click here
Enable JavaScript

For more details

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World Bank International Essay Competition 2011

World Bank International Essay Competition 2011

Youth Migration

Young people are on the move. Improvements in transportation, technology development and increased international trade, as well as issues such as unemployment, war, health and economic hardship have prompted more young people to migrate within and across national borders in search of work, education and a better quality of life. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) estimates that young people between 15 and 30 years of age account for about one-third of all migrants

Nearly all young people are affected by migration in some way. Some are migrants themselves or are considering migrating abroad or within their home country. Others experience migration through the departure of friends or family members, and still others, in receiving countries, encounter the political debate on immigration and integration policies in their country and may experience cohabitation with new immigrants. Young people are major stakeholders in migration and yet youth are largely absent in the debate on international migration policies and the effects of migration on development.

The World Bank International Essay Competition 2011 would like to hear your views on the opportunities, challenges and implications of youth migration.

Questions to address in your essay / video :

1) How has migration (international or internal, in a sending or a receiving country) affected you, your family, your community, or your country?

2) How do you perceive the benefits of migration (increased opportunities for young people, remittances) versus the risks (brain drain, illegal immigration and exploitation of young immigrants)?

3) What actions can you recommend for broadening opportunities for young migrants in their countries of destination and their countries of origin?

We encourage you to draw on personal experiences when possible and focus on providing your own creative solutions for managing migration in a way that most benefits young people. You do not have to be a migrant yourself to respond on this essay, as you may refer to the experience of your friends and family or other migrants who enter, leave or move within your country. As migration is a multi-dimensional issue, please feel free to explore any aspect of migration that you relate to most, such as :

Rural to urban migration
international migration policy
role of diasporas
forced migration
integration of immigrants
migration and development
skilled migration / brain drain

For more details visit : Click Here


Important Dates:

January 17, 2011 - Launch of the Essay Competition

March 17, 2011 - Deadline for submissions

Week of May 2 - Finalists of the essay category announced and winner of the video category announced

May 30 - June 1, 2011- Final Jury in Paris, France (only finalists in the essay category and winner of the video category participate)

June 1, 2011- Award Ceremony during the ABCDE conference in Paris, France

With Best Regards,
M.Phil Physics,
Bharathidasan University,
Tamilnadu, India.
Ph. No.: +91-

Friday, February 4, 2011

IISC Banglore ADMISSIONS 2011 PhD Research

Indian  Institute of Science - IISc Bangalore


Applications are invited for admission to the following (i) ResearchProgramme[Ph D / M Sc (Engg)] (ii) CourseProgramme[ME /M Tech/M Des/M.Mgt] (iii) Integrated Ph DProgrammeand (iv) External RegistrationProgramme(Ph D only) at the Institute. Complete eligibility criteria, specialization, areas of research and the other details are available at our website Candidates who have not yet completed their qualifying examinations and expect to complete all the requirements for the degree (including all examinations, project dissertation, viva-voce etc.) before July 31, 2011, are also eligible to apply.
Ph D in Science Faculty:Astronomy & Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Ecological Sciences, High Energy Physics, Inorganic & Physical Chemistry, Materials Research, Mathematics,Mathematical Sciences(interdisciplinary),Microbiology & Cell Biology, Molecular Biophysics, Molecular Reproduction, Development & Genetics, Neuroscience, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Solid State & Structural Chemistry.
M Sc(Engg) and Ph D in Engineering Faculty:Aerospace Engineering, Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Automation, Earth Sciences, Electrical Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Design & Technology, Instrumentation, Management Studies, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,Nanoscienceand Engineering, Interdisciplinary inNanoscienceand Engineering, Product Design & Manufacturing, Sustainable Technologies, and Supercomputer Education & Research.
Applicants possessing a minimum of second class in the following are eligible to apply:
Bachelor'sorMaster's degree in an appropriate field of Engineering/Technology/Architecture/ Medicine/ Agriculture/ Pharmacy/ Veterinary Sciences;orMaster's degree in Science in an appropriate field including Biotechnology, orMaster's in Economics, Geography, Social Work, Psychology, Management, Mathematics, Statistics, Operations Research, Computer Science/ Application as applicable to the respective departments.
Qualifying in one of the following appropriate Tests (with validity as on 1stof August 2011) is mandatory for the candidatesapplying for Ph D in Science Faculty and M Sc(Engg): CSIR-UGC NET for JRF; or UGC-NET for JRF; or DBT JRF; or ICMR JRF; or JEST 2011; or NBHM 2011; orIIScEntrance Test 2011; or GATE 2010/2011. Qualifying in these tests is not mandatory but desirable for candidates who possess a Master's degree in Engineering/Technology/ M Sc(Engg)/MS or MBA(post BE/B Tech) wish to apply for the departments in the Engineering Faculty.
IIScEntrance Test is conducted in Atmospheric Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Ecological Sciences, Mathematics, Management Studies, and Materials Science subjects.
Candidateswith BE / B Tech or equivalent degree who may not have qualified in any of the above mentioned National Entrance Tests but possess an excellent academic record right from 10thStandard onwards may be considered for admission to a limited number of seats in Ph Dprogrammein Engineering Faculty. The short listing for interview of such candidates will be based on their academic performance in 10th, 12thand the qualifying degree at the current stage.

(a) Master of Engineering (ME)in Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Microelectronics, Signal Processing, Systems Science & Automation, and Telecommunication Engineering.


Applicants possessing a minimum of second class in Bachelor's degree in appropriate field of Engineering/ Technology or equivalent degree with valid GATE score are eligible to apply.

Selection is based on valid GATE score only.

(b) Master of Technology (M Tech)in Electronics Design & Technology(ED), Computational Science (CP), Climate Science(CL),Transportation & Infrastructure Engineering(TI) and Instrumentation(IN).


Applicants possessing a minimum of second class in the following qualifying degree with valid GATE score are eligible to apply:
Bachelor's degree in an appropriate field of Engineering/Technology;orMaster's degree in Science, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics, Geology, Instrumentation, Electronics orMaster's in Computer Application as applicable to the respective departments.

Selection for (ED), (CP) , (CL) and (CL) is based on an aptitude test and interview subsequent to short-listing based on valid GATE score and for (IN) based on valid GATE score only.

(c) Master of Design (M Des)inProduct Design & Engineering


Applicants possessing a minimum of second class in Bachelor's degree in Engineering / Technology / Design / Architecture with valid GATE/CEED scores are eligible to apply.
Selection is based on a Design Aptitude Test and interview subsequent to short-listing based on valid GATE / CEED scores.
(d) Master of Management (M.Mgt)


Applicants possessing a minimum of first class in Bachelor's degree in Engineering / Technology or equivalent degree with valid GATE/JMET scores are eligible to apply.
Selection is based on a group discussion and interview subsequent to short-listing based on valid GATE / JMET scores.
in (1) Biological Sciences(BS), (2) Chemical Sciences(CS), (3) Physical Sciences (PS) and (4) Mathematical Sciences(MS)


Applicants possessing a minimum of first class in Bachelor's degree in Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Biological Sciences, (including Pharmaceutical, Veterinary Sciences and Agricultural Sciences), Mathematical Sciences,orBachelor's degree in Engineering/Technology as applicable to respective disciplines.
All the candidates should qualify inIIScEntrance Test scheduled for 24thApril 2011. The short-listing of candidates for interview is based on performance in theIIScEntrance Test.
It is a Researchprogrammefor working professionals from (1) R&D Organizations/Industries and (2) for Faculty members from Engineering, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Medical Colleges/ Universities, recognized by the appropriate government agencies. The candidates must be officially sponsored by their employing organization.
Ph D in Science: All the Science departments as indicated in (i) except High Energy Physics and Solid State & Structural Chemistry.
Ph D in Engineering:All the Engineering departments as indicated in(i).


• Qualifications remain the same as for the regular candidates. Further, the candidates should have two years of continuous service in a permanent position in the presentorganisation• Age:NOT higher than 40 years as on 01.04.2011.

Desirable: Qualifying in one of thetests;IIScEntranceTest,CSIR-UGC NET for JRF,UGC-NET for JRF, DBT JRF,ICMR JRF, GATE,
NBHM, etc.

Selection will be based on candidate's performance in the interview to be conducted atIISc.

(v) Reservation for OBC/SC/ST/Physically-Handicapped(PH) and Kashmiri-Migrant(KM) candidates:As per the Government of India regulations. Grade/Class of qualifying examination is relaxed to a "pass class" for SC/ST candidates.

(vi) Scholarships: All the regular students who join the Institute are eligible forIIScscholarship / fellowship from CSIR/ UGC/ ICMR/ MHRD/ AICTE/ NBHM/ as the case may be. Scholarships from many Indian and multinational agencies and business houses are also available for meritorious students.

(a) Application Forms for Research, Course and Integrated Ph Dprogrammes
may be obtained by any of the following three methods:
(1)Against a cash payment ofRs.700/-fromselectCANARA BANKBranches.
(2)By sending a written request for application form with 2 address slips (stickers), and a demand draft (Rs.700/-for general/OBC categories, Rs.350/-for SC/ST/PH categories, along with copy of an appropriate certificate) to the Deputy Registrar (Academic), Admissions Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012. The DD must be drawn infavourof"Registrar, Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore".
(3)Online application– Online submission of application may be made by accessing theIIScwebsite 07.02.2011. Online application fee isRs.600/-for general/OBC categories andRs.300/-for SC/ST/PH categories. A printed copy of the online application should also be posted as detailed below.

For External RegistrationProgrammes-Candidates should write to theDeputy Registrar (Academic), Admissions Unit,IISc, Bangalore - 560 012,enclosing a DD forRs.1500/-drawn infavourof"Registrar, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore".

(b) Submission of Application Forms.

Filled-in off-line application forms/ print out of the online application forms should reach the Deputy Registrar (Academic), Admissions Unit,IISc, Bangalore-560012 on or before21.03.2011.
Separate application form should be used for eachprogrammevizResearch or Course or Integrated Ph D. Only one application form will be considered for eachprogramme.


Commencement of issue of Information Brochure and Application Forms (at selectCanaraBank Branches

and atIISc) and submission of online Application Forms

Last date for issue of Information Brochure and Application Form (at selectCanaraBank Branches and atIISc)18.03.2011

Last date for:

Submission of online application form (website closure)

Receipt of completed offline Application form and hard copy of online Application Forms atIISc



IIScEntrance Test


The applicants may contact concerned Departments for more details regarding specific academicprogrammes. Details may also be obtained by visiting our Home Page:

Note: Posters giving information about admissions toIIScare displayed at selectCanaraBank branches, and are posted to a large number of Engineering/Science Colleges and Universities.Helpline (24 hrs) : 080 – 22932977 (during February - July)

SelectCanaraBank Branches where applications are issued:

CanaraBank Branches atAhmedabad(Bhadra),Allahabad(MGMarg),Amritsar(DS Market),Bangalore(IISc. Campus,Indiranagar,JayanagarComplex, Majestic),Bhopal (BerasiaRd),Bhubaneshwar(Bapujinagar),Calicut(CherootyRd),Chandigarh(Sector 17C),Chennai(Mount Road,T.Nagar,Guindy),Coimbatore(RSPuram),Delhi(Karolbagh, RKPuram, F-19ConnaughtCircus),Dharwad(Market),Durgapur,Ernakulam(South),Gulbarga(Fort Rd),Guwahati(FancyBazar),Hyderabad(AbidsRd),Jaipur(ArvindMarg),Jamshedpur(GulmoharMarket),Kanpur(Mall Rd),Kolhapur(Laxmipuram),Kolkata(Chowringhee,Jadavpur,BrabourneRd),Madurai(Grand Central),Mangalore(Hampankatta),Mumbai(Fort,DadarWest,SantacruzEast,Chembur, New Mumbai),Mysore(Statue Square),Nagpur(Central Avenue),Panaji,Patna(South GandhiMaidan),Pondicherry,Pune(Camp),Rourkela,Secunderabad(MG Rd),Srinagar(Residency Rd),Surat(KotsafilRoad),Surathkal(Main Rd),Thiruvananthapuram(Puthechanthai),Tiruchi(Teppakulam),Tirupathi,Vadodara(Raopura),Varanasi(Bansphatak),Vijayawada(Gandhinagar),Visakhapatnam(Suryabagh),Warangal(Station Rd).